Pure Scientifics Tinctures

Pure Scientifics makes some of our Best Tinctures. They have won the Oregon Dope Cup back to back years for the Best CBD Oil which just shows how great their product is. Pure Scientifics make a very effective Broad Spectrum tincture that contains a few extra cannabinoids like CBC, CBG & CBN. These additional cannabinoids help assist CBD to work more effectively and to target more specific ailments. Take a few drops sublingually for the fastest relief, and to target internal ailments throughout the body. Place a few drops directly on areas of pain to get an external pain relief. The almond oil is a great lipid for CBD to bond with, so that it can absorb into your body more effectively. This makes Pure Scientifics Tinctures an amazing multi-use product. Their amazing oil comes in three different flavor options as well. Choose between: Lemon Ginger, Mint, and Natural. Shop CBD Now.

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