Full Spectrum products have been made with an extract &/or concentrate that contains 0.03% THC or less by volume. *LOQ is a labs testing ability to test for low THC levels. This does not mean there is 100% no THC. While CBD isolate is the isolated cannabinoid in its purest form, full spectrum CBD products contain other beneficial cannabinoids. This gives the Entourage Effect which results when the many components within the hemp plant interact with the human body to produce a stronger influence than any one of those components alone. Because of the benefits of the whole plant, full spectrum oils and products are typically used to treat more severe illnesses. Both CBD isolates and full spectrum products have their benefits. It simply depends on your preference and what you would like the product to accomplish.

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      When you start considering what CBD product to buy, it may all seem kind of like the same thing. There’s a ton of different flavors and delivery methods, sure, but between all of the tinctures, gummies, and capsules, there is something very important to educate yourself on: the CBD spectrum. Let’s explore what makes full-spectrum CBD oil different and see what it means to supplement with a full-spectrum CBD oil product.

      Comparing Hemp Extract and Cannabis Extract

      When purchasing a product that is sold as a CBD product, it is important to understand what makes CBD different than regular cannabis extract. Hemp extract, another term for CBD oil, is derived from the hemp plant and usually contains little to no THC. Generally, these types of products will contain less than 0.3% of the psychoactive THC, which is the high inducing agent in cannabis. Anything over that amount of labeled a cannabis extract and is not included as legal per the Hemp Farming Act of 2018.

      All CBD products are made with hemp extract, not cannabis extract, and are legal per federal law.

      So, What are Cannabinoids

      Cannabinoids are are the compounds inside of hemp plants that make them hemp plants. There are hundreds of these within the plant, all posing different qualities. Cannabinoids interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system, a part of the brain that helps to regulate hormones and many facets of your body.

      When you consume cannabinoids, the effect that is created is different depending on what you are taking in. CBD makes you feel relaxed and even tired while THC is the well-known psychoactive element of cannabis that gives an overall high feeling. Other cannabinoids cause other reactions, with some like CBG, known as cannabigerol, posing a pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory effect. Fun fact: CBG is actually referred to as the “big mama of cannabinoids” since it is actually the pre-lineage to CBD and THC. CBG turns into these other two compounds, depending on what the plant is designed to create.

      When you consume multiple different forms of cannabinoids at once, you are going to likely experience something known as the entourage effect. In this, you are exposing yourself to a lot of different qualities from each of the respective cannabinoids, resulting in a much stronger and more potent dosage of cannabinoids as a whole and, in turn, a stronger cumulative effect.

      What are Terpenes?

      Terpenes are another compound found in cannabis aside from the regular cannabinoids. Terpenes, along with terpenoids, are what make up things like essential oils and are responsible for the odor of plants, including cannabis. They do more than just smell distinct, though, and actually have unique qualities on an individual level like cannabinoids. In the hemp plant, there are several different terpenes and terpenoids, though the most commonly talked about and generally thought to be the most important ones are limonene, ocimene, myrcene, and humulene. These terpenes and terpenoids also have an impact on the entourage effect, depending on what type you get.

      So, What Does it Mean if Something is Full Spectrum CBD?

      The easiest way to think of CBD is as a spectrum. With full-spectrum CBD, there is a full spectrum of hemp chemicals in the product. This includes the terpenes, terpenoids, and cannabinoids. You may also get vitamins and minerals like chlorophyll, fatty acids, fiber, and flavonoids.

      Full-spectrum products are often thought of as stronger than traditional CBD products but, sometimes, they are actually not. The issue with full spectrum products is that if they are not labeled with lab testing results, they can contain very little CBD. This is why it is important to look at the data provided for any full-spectrum CBD product or a product labeled as hemp extract, since it could potentially contain any percentage of CBD within the formula, including almost none.

      It can also contain trace amounts of THC. While some full-spectrum CBD does contain no THC, it can contain up to the full amount of 0.3% and still be a legal CBD product. That being said, there is no guarantee that a full spectrum CBD product will not show up on a drug test. Modern drug tests can be quite sophisticated but, unfortunately, are still unlikely to be able to distinguish credible CBD products and other cannabinoids from straight marijuana that is smoked to get high due to the high psychoactive THC content.

      Due to this, it is important to be cautious and understand that the legalities around CBD using are safe but that some employers and other parts of your life that require a drug test may not understand the difference or see the full spectrum as a cover for something else. Due to this, CBD usage may not currently be suitable for everyone.

      The Other Types of CBD

      There are two other types of CBD, isolate and broad-spectrum. Both of these have their own usages and can be suitable for a host of different applications. Again, CBD is a preference-based supplement so whatever suits you and makes you the most comfortable is probably the best bet. Let’s learn a little more about CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD and see which of the three types, including full-spectrum, most closely matches what you want.

      CBD Isolate

      CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. As a purified product, this is created by pulling the CBD directly from the hemp plant and removing all other ingredients and chemicals that may be within the plant. This includes all other cannabinoids, including THC, CBG, and any others that may be present.

      As a product designed to make passing a drug test more likely, it does not contain anything else. This is both a good and bad thing, since passing a drug test while using CBD is the goal but you are losing the terpenes and flavonoids that help to cause the entourage effect and increase the effects of the CBD as a whole.

      CBD isolate is often cheaper than other forms of CBD due to these missing components but is also perhaps not as impactful as some other forms. Due to this, many people opt for full-spectrum if they can or broad-spectrum, but an isolate is still a viable option for those who need the extra layer of precaution or just prefer something a little milder. It is also especially good for those trying CBD products for the first time.

      Broad Spectrum CBD

      As a middle ground between CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD oil, this product will contain all of the normal chemicals naturally found within the hemp plant except for THC. The THC is removed during the processing of the plant, leaving it out of the finished product completely.

      Since the terpenes, flavonoids, and alternative cannabinoids are all present within the broad spectrum CBD product, you can expect to experience the entourage effect still, just without the psychoactive effect or high that THC brings to the mix.

      Many people like broad-spectrum CBD as a safer alternative to the full-spectrum in regards to drug testing that packs more of a punch than CBD isolate. It is a great option, though it is pricier than CBD isolate since it contains all of the entourage effect causing natural chemicals, as well. In a way, you get what you pay for with this type of product.

      What are My Delivery Method Options?

      Once you decide whether a broad spectrum, isolate, or full-spectrum CBD oil product is best for your needs, you then need to choose a delivery method. There are a lot of different options to suit the needs of our patrons here on the site. You can do everything from smoke CBD to have it as a delightful cup of hot chocolate, so this is truly a customizable supplement. Let’s take a moment to discuss the delivery methods we offer and what types of CBD we have in each.

      1. Tinctures
      2. Tinctures are essentially CBD oils that are often sublingual in nature. This means they are designed to be held under the tongue and absorbed through the sublingual area directly into the bloodstream. We have many different products in this format, including the Full Spectrum Tinctures from Pure Scientifics including this delicious mint-flavored one that is sweet and light in nature, making it perfect for use on the go. Similarly, the brand also produces a really great isolate formula, as well. Another great isolate formula is the Cannashield Clear Distillate. This product contains low THC and is designed to be great for those who want something discrete and easy to use. Plus, this version of the product tastes like fresh peaches, throwing back to the classic peach ring candies we all grew up with!

      3. Edibles
      4. Edibles are one of the most popular delivery methods of CBD. You can find edibles in every CBD type. Modern Doc makes some fantastic Full Spectrum CBD Gummies including this delicious blood orange-flavored option. There is also the Modern Doc Vegan Gummies a regular and vegan gummy version. If you are vegan or know someone who is vegan, chances are you know how hard it is to find good gummies. Usually, the flavor or texture is totally off, resulting in an inedible treat that looks much better than it tastes.

      5. Capsules
      6. Generally, capsules are going to be full-spectrum in nature, though you can sometimes find isolate ones. This is because capsules generally take a little longer to kick in since they have to dissolve in the stomach so those who go for them want something stronger in nature most of the time. The Roots of Life CBD Capsules are a great option with minimalist ingredients, as is the Pure Scientifics CBD Capsules. Both of these contain full-spectrum, high-quality CBD and are designed to make taking a daily dose of CBD easier and more convenient than ever before.

      7. Topicals
      8. Topicals are not for everyone but if you are looking to use CBD for joint or muscle pain, they are certainly worth considering. This formula is applied directly to the skin and absorbs through the semi-permeable layer, going into the bloodstream and soothing the muscles and sore areas quickly and effectively. Topicals come in a wide range of options, including classic creams like the Pure Scientifics Roll-On which is designed to target specific painful or uncomfortable areas with a no-mess roll-on application and the Allay Muscle Recovery Rub that works like a typical rub in the formula to negate pain and tight muscles. There are options for preventative care, as well, like the Cannasheild Renewal Cream that contains CBD distillate instead of full-spectrum CBD oil to work against signs of aging and help ease dry spots on the skin. You can even find bath bombs like this one from Pure Scientifics that contains full-spectrum CBD oil to help create a soothing, comforting CBD experience at home in your own bathtub!

      There is an endless array of CBD delivery methods out there. It is just a matter of choosing which you want to try and which type of CBD best suits your needs.

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