About Us

First and foremost, SHOP CBD NOW believes in the healing powers of the hemp plant and all of the products that come from it. Our goal is to bring this amazing plant-based power straight to your door by partnering with some of the top CBD brands on the market today to make shopping, purchasing, and using CBD products easier than ever! Through these partnerships, SHOP CBD NOW can provide a wide range of high-quality CBD products directly to consumers. All of the products on the site have been sourced from companies that utilize only American grown hemp. All of the products are also manufactured in the United States and have been independently third-party tested through state-accredited laboratories. This means that every product we sell comes with peace of mind and is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. We stand by our promise to deliver the best CBD Oil Products on the market today and strive to continually add more new amazing products for your use and enjoyment!


At SHOP CBD NOW, we work to partner with only the best and brightest brands in the market. This company was founded in pursuit of one overall goal: to be able to deliver amazing CBD products directly to your door from the best brands and in a wide variety of delivery methods. From tinctures to gummies, we wanted you to be able to have anything and everything you need to be delivered right to your door!

To uphold our promise of only carrying the best CBD products, we put each potential brand partner applicant through a series of quality tests to ensure they meet our high expectation threshold. Our customers deserve the absolute best and nothing less so we look into every aspect of the business, from the growing practices and harvesting to the extraction and production processes to ensure everything meets our standards before moving forward with the partnership and adding the brand’s products to our expansive yet selective catalog.

Right Now, Our Approved Brand Partners Consist of

Pure Scientifics:

Created in 2016, Pure Scientifics was made with the overall plan to create the highest quality CBD products made and manufactured in the United States. All of their products are handmade and naturally derived. They were also awarded the 2018 DOPE Cup for Best CBD Oil and the 2017 DOPE Cup for Best CBD Concentrate. They even have bath products to help soothe sore muscles, too!


These syrups are a unique and delicious type of drink additive CBD product that is made with high quality, locally sourced CBD isolate. These water-soluble syrups mix into water, soda, tea, coffee, cocktails and many other drinks to make a delicious beverage with a dose of CBD! They’ll never settle to the bottom of the cup or stick to the container, making for the perfect CBD on the go option.

Modern Doc:

With a wide variety of products and unique CBD infusements this is the brand for everyone. Modern Doc offers everything from CBD Full spectrum to isolate as well as CBG & CBN products. Ranging from tinctures, topicals, gummies & chocolates to drink additives, water and more… this brand has a product made just for you. The gummies are available in a ton of different flavors including lemon, peach, blackberry, grapefruit, cherry, watermelon, blue raspberry, and more.


As an edible company, Smokiez provides seven different delicious flavors of CBD candies, including peach, watermelon, and tropical mixed flavors, making for a great option if you like being able to switch things up.

These are just some of the product brands we currently offer and we plan to expand upon this list in the future and cater to an even wider range of preferences so keep your eyes peeled for new releases and brand updates!

Hemp Health Delivered

As a proud provider of locally sourced, high-quality hemp products, SHOP CBD NOW is thrilled to have such an amazing array of artisan products that can be shipped directly to your door. All of our brands are screened to ensure they are of the highest possible quality and suitable for our claims of providing the best possible CBD products available online. We strive to always send out the best of the best products and are certain that the items on our site will cater to and potentially help a wide spectrum of people.

Whether you are looking for edibles and topicals or vapes and flower, SHOP CBD NOW has something for everyone and can ship to all fifty US states due to the accredited testing via third party labs that is conducted on every product to confirm the quality and dosage. This means no matter where you are within the US, we can get these amazing products right to your door! As a one-stop-shop, we offer everything from edibles and tinctures to topical lotions and bath bombs. You can even find coffees, teas, and delicious hot chocolate in our inventory, making your CBD journey easier and even a bit fun. Who says enhancing your health has to be as boring as taking tablets? With SHOP CBD NOW, there are tons of interesting new products you can try, all of which have been tested in accredited labs to ensure their quality and dosage, providing you with peace of mind and more options than ever before!

We are always looking into new potential products and have an expanding inventory so be on the lookout for even more amazing CBD products coming soon that can be delivered right to your doorstep! With fast shipping and affordable rates, you’ll be on your way to discovering new favorite CBD products or accessing old favorites in no time at all!

What Can CBD Do For You?

It is important to keep in mind that, per the FDA, there is not yet enough conclusive information available for them to endorse CBD as a treatment for any medical condition. This does not mean that it does not work, though! They simply have to evaluate further to confirm or deny the anecdotal evidence that supports CBD as a valid form of treatment for a spectrum of illnesses and disorders due to its therapeutic and non-psychoactive nature.

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is the second most prevalent chemical compound in cannabis. Despite being part of the same plant that has psychoactive effects, CBD does not cause any sort of “high” feeling due to how it interacts with the brain. It also is believed to not cause any sort of addictive impulses with use, making it generally safe for human consumption and usage in most situations.

Despite not being backed by the FDA as a whole, yet, medications are being manufactured containing CBD, adding some speculation that approval from the federal regulators is coming. The first CBD-based drug,

Epidiolex was recently been approved in 2018 for the treatment of two rare forms of childhood epilepsy that do not respond to traditional anti-seizure medications. It is believed that Epidolex, which contains cannabidiol, is effective due to how it interacts with the brain. Many see this as a door opening into further studies on the potential benefits of CBD in other illnesses, as well!

As the knowledge around CBD continues to grow, many believe it will soon be recognized as a viable medicine. Until then (and even after a decision on the validity of CBD as a form of treatment is made), it is necessary to take time for personal education in deciding if CBD is the right path for your health. Checking for drug interactions and consulting with medical professionals is a good starting point and can help you figure out what is right for your personal needs. Additionally, the SHOP CBD NOW staff is always on hand and ready with educational tools and information should you need to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding our products and associated brands.

Safer CBD

One of the biggest concerns that many people voice when using CBD products is that since it is not approved and regulated by the FDA, it can be difficult to know what is going into your body when using a CBD product. We at SHOP CBD NOW completely understand this concern, as it is wholly valid, and we have worked to create a space filled with safe products that have been tested through state-accredited labs. These labs test for dosage and any impurities, giving a good idea of what is inside of every product.

Products that do not reach our standards of quality are simply not listed on the site. We strive to provide only the best CBD products and to be the best, it must also be safe. Due to this, it is a no-brainer decision that we would only allow safe, tested, and quality controlled products into our inventory. The staff at SHOP CBD NOW cares about your wellbeing and want you to have a positive CBD experience, so we simply only offer the top tier of products on our site!

We build our business on trust and honesty. Our ultimate goal is to serve you and provide you with the quality CBD products you want and need. To do this, your safety is the number one priority. SHOP CBD NOW truly cares and is always here to help with our amazing customer service staff for any of your questions or concerns and our expanding quality control and expectation system! When you shop with us, you’re also shopping for peace of mind!

Shop CBD Now distributes for some of the best hemp-derived CBD companies on the market. We also carry amazing products for a lot of the local companies in the area. This way you can find exactly what you’re looking for!

Here at Shop CBD Now, we strive to have the best CBD products online. We want everyone to be able to find a product that is perfect for their needs. Whether you are looking for a Full Spectrum product, a CBD isolate product, or even different types of Hemp Flower, you can find it all right here.

You can find High-Quality CBD products from: Kannabrix, Pure Scientifics, to start.

We carry award-winning CBD oil in many forms!

Get the best Edibles, Topicals, Tinctures, Capsules, Bath Bombs, & More!

We even have amazing Hemp products for your Pets!

Shop CBD Now only carries brands that use state certified third-party lab testing to ensure that their product is legal to ship to all 50 states!