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CBD Hemp Flower - What Can It Do?

When you think of CBD, you probably imagine the gummies, oils, and topical products that are commonly marketed. This is because these are the most widely accepted versions of the products since they do not explicitly show the hemp plant and are more discrete. Did you know that you can actually buy CBD hemp flower by itself? You definitely can! Let’s take a look at what CBD hemp flower can do for you and see if it is a good fit for your needs!

What is CBD Hemp Flower?

CBD hemp flower is another term for the bud that blooms on a hemp plant. This flower secretes a type of resin that has specific qualities in an effort to attract pollinators that may have pollen from the male hemp plants stuck to their bodies. When the pollen reaches the hemp flowers, it can then work to make seeds that are fertile and can germinate into new plants.

This flower has another purpose, as well. CBD hemp flower that is picked before it goes to seed (or after, either produces the desired effect, the version without the seeds just tends to be more preferable) is believed to have powerful health and wellness benefits. This type of product is typically smoked but does not produce the same high as traditional cannabis is thought to. This is because it contains little to no THC, the component of cannabis that causes a psychoactive effect..

Is CBD Hemp Flower Legal?

In regards to the legality of CBD hemp flower, it is legal nationally. This is due to the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, which dictates that hemp is defined as cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC. This means that while marijuana is not legal, hemp products like CBD hemp flower and CBD as a whole can be sold, grown, and used to manufacture products. Hemp and CBD have also been removed from the Schedule I Controlled Substance List.

To sum it up, CBD is entirely legal to possess, use, manufacture, transport, and do with as you please, so long as it is actual CBD and not marijuana, which contains a higher level of THC.

That being said, the FDA does not currently recognize CBD as a treatment, cure, or preventative measure for any illness, disease, or disorder. It is not meant to have any role in assisting with a health condition per the FDA’s released information. This does not mean that it does not work, just that the FDA does not currently have enough information concerning the long term and short-term effects of CBD hemp flower from scientific studies.

This is partly due to the fact that most studies conducted in scientific settings are done on cannabis as a whole or specifically THC, not CBD directly. This means that most of the data cannot be used to conclusively point to the effectiveness of CBD as a treatment or preventative at this time. There are currently more studies being conducted but the results will take time to be returned and will then need to be pooled with other studies to give a bigger picture of the potential benefits and pitfalls of CBD hemp flower as a potential treatment option.

The FDA has expressed interest in learning more about CBD as a treatment. In recent years, they have reviewed several different studies and case studies concerning the validity of the claims made by CBD users. They have also approved a drug called Epidiolex, meant to assist with medication-resistant seizure disorders, that contains a purified form of CBD hemp flower extract. This is groundbreaking because it signifies that the FDA does recognize some form of potential in CBD as a treatment and has given hope for more medications and CBD products to be approved in the coming years. As a side note: Epidiolex is actually a new type of drug as a whole, meant to help children ages one and older to combat seizures and the other effects of seizure disorders and is thought to pose fewer side effects than some other seizure medications!

What Does CBD Hemp Flower Do?

Essentially, CBD hemp flower does what other CBD products do. It just has a more potent effect and is generally faster acting. When smoking or vaping a CBD hemp flower, you will generally feel the effects within around ten minutes and it will last for an hour or more, most of the time. This varies based on the potency of the specific flower you have used and on your body’s own tolerance but provides a fair estimate of what to expect.

Depending on the type of CBD hemp flower or CBD hemp flower blend, you can expect a calming effect, pain relief, and a host of other beneficial aspects. Many cancer patients, for example, use it to help with the bodily trials of chemotherapy and radiation therapy since it is mild and works well without causing a psychoactive effect like marijuana or altered mental state and addiction risk like opioids.

CBD products like gummies, capsules, and other options are all made using CBD extract. Through various methods, the CBD is taken directly from the plant and used to make other products for those who prefer delivery methods aside from smoking or vaping. These products are less potent but generally offer a pleasant experience and can be beneficial in ways that smoking regular CBD hemp flowers may not be.

For example, a topical solution can target joint pain or injuries directly. It can help with arthritis and other issues, potentially, and is great for putting directly onto the site of pain, which you obviously cannot do with regular CBD hemp flower.

For those with asthma who cannot smoke or those who prefer not to, there are always gummies, capsules, flavored syrups, bath bombs, coffees, and more! You can find dozens of different delivery methods for CBD hemp flower out there, all of which have their own beneficial elements. It is just a matter of choosing what works best for your specific needs and desires.

CBD Hemp Flower Delivery Methods and Products to Check Out

  1. Sublingual Oils
  2. Designed as an oil product that is held under the tongue to be absorbed through the sublingual space, sublingual oils are a very popular option due to their ease of use. These products work wonderfully to act fast and give an almost instant effect. You can find unflavored options like this one from Pure Scientifics. These have no added flavorings at all and generally taste woody or earthy. Depending on the brand, you would hold this product, also known as a tincture, under your tongue for between thirty and sixty seconds depending on the specific brand’s directions and wait for it to absorb before swallowing what is left. For those who find this type of unflavored product unpleasant or just prefer something flavored, you can also find a lot of different options like this one also by Pure Scientifics that tastes like lemon-ginger and this product from Cannashield that tastes like delicious, rich butterscotch!

  3. Edibles
  4. Gummies, candies, syrups, and more all make up the edibles category. There are a lot of alternative edibles, as well, like coffees and teas that offer interesting options to switch things up or incorporate into your everyday routine. Something like the Full Spectrum CBD Gummies from Modern Doc gives you the option to customize your dosage by taking one or more gummies in a wide range of delicious flavors including the juicy blood orange one linked above. Kana Korn makes a range of CBD popcorns, too, offering a unique take on CBD supplementation with products like their Sea Salt Caramel CBD Popcorn. You can even find tasty teas like the Brothers Apothecary Golden Dream Tea which contains CBD, along with other beneficial ingredients like chamomile, orange zest, and lemongrass! The possibilities are endless and fully customizable to suit your needs!

  5. Capsules
  6. As one of the more traditional forms of medication and supplement dosage delivery systems, capsules are a great way to get your CBD with no mess or fuss. The Roots of Life CBD Capsules are as natural as you can get, containing only CBD extract, MCT coconut oil, erythritol, maltodextrin tapioca, and vegetarian outer capsules. The Brothers Apothecary Immunity Support CBD Capsules are an example of what can be achieved when brands use CBD in tandem with other ingredients to create a blend that supports specific health concerns. Not only with this product are you getting a dose of CBD, but also a blend of a selection of immune system supporting ingredients like turmeric and black pepper. They also have several other specific health concerns targeting products, as well, so choosing what you need has never been easier!

  7. Topicals
  8. Topical CBD products are very popular for those with arthritis and injuries like muscle and joint strains. These products are applied directly to the skin and work by being absorbed due to the skin’s semi-permeable nature. Products like the Allay Muscle Recovery Cream deliver CBD directly to sore, tired muscles following a workout or stress injury caused by things like overexertion, providing quick relief. The Cannashield CBD Renewal Cream is another popular choice that is designed to assist with dry skin, aging, and other cosmetic and medical skin concerns through hydration and anti-inflammatory means. It also gives a strong dose of antioxidants to help fight the noticeable signs of aging, as well!

  9. CBD Hemp Flower
  10. Yes, you can purchase the CBD hemp flower by itself. This is a smokable product or vapable product that works wonderfully for a wide range of supplementary concerns. There are currently two different CBD hemp flower options available on Shop CBD Now.

    The first, The White, is not actually a CBD product, but a CBG one. CBG is known as cannabigerol, and has been used to fight inflammation, pain, and has shown promise as cancer deterring agent. CBG is actually the parent agent that CBD and THC are derived from as the plant matures, which has given it the moniker of “The Big Mama of Cannabinoids”. This is a product that does contain an elevated amount of THC, with The White clocking in at 0.13%, which is still legal but more than an isolate. The CBG reading is at 11.3%, which is an impressive amount that is great for supplementation purposes!

    The second product is Umpqua CBD Flower. Umpqua is a CBD hemp flower that tests at below 0.3% THC and has more than 10% CBD. This is a good amount for beginners and regular users alike, offering the ability to customize your dosage based on the amount you smoke or vape. This flower is also grown without the presence of pesticides, sprays, or fertilizers, making it an all-natural option, too!

It is important to note that with any CBD hemp flower product, you do have to worry about drug tests. No matter how low the THC amount is, some tests may pick up the product due to the sensitivity of the actual test or that of your body and metabolism rate. Be sure to be cautious if you are in a position where this may impact you.

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