Can CBD Oil Help You to Sleep Well?


Can CBD Oil Help You to Sleep Well?

A good night’s rest can make all of the difference in your day to day life. From productivity to just feeling well, sleep is absolutely crucial to our ability to function and be comfortable throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than getting to work and still feeling run down from the day before, especially if you got a full night’s rest. Insomnia and other sleep disorders, even mild ones, can be incredibly frustrating and can trigger other issues like anxiety and depression. There are, of course, plenty of medications and supplements that can assist in helping you get a good night’s sleep. If you are looking for something natural with other additional health benefits, CBD oil might be worth checking out. Let’s take a closer look at sleep disorders and see if CBD oil might be right for you!.

What Is a Sleep Disorder?

Sleep disorders are, per their definition, health disorders that impact one’s ability to fall asleep, quality of sleep, or duration of sleep. This can be as mild as needing help falling asleep or as serious as sleepwalking and other issues. There are many different things that can cause sleep disorders, including other mental health issues like anxiety and depression, genetics, traumatic events, and a host of other things like diet and illness. Regardless of the cause, having a sleep disorder can truly disrupt your everyday life and make it much harder to get things done since it can leave you feeling as if you are foggy or unable to be productive throughout the day. Fortunately, there are plenty of options that may be potentially beneficial out there, including natural ones like CBD.

How Can CBD Help With Sleep Quality?

Though the FDA has not conclusively backed the use of CBD as a treatment for sleep disorders or other sleep-related problems, there have been quite a few studies done that support its use and show promise in it as a viable treatment method should long term studies pan out in a positive manner. Currently, it is believed that the FDA has not backed CBD due to a lack of long-term study based evidence and that once there is a better understanding of the compound and how it interacts with the brain and body on a larger scale for longer periods of time, there will likely come a more conclusive decision. Either way, the studies available right now are promising and indicate just how effective CBD could potentially be!

A 2017 study from the Current Psychiatry Reports medical journal explains this need for longterm study as a need for controlled and longitudinal research to ensure the safety and validity of the effects of CBD in long term usage situations. As more information comes out, the FDA can reevaluate based on the collected data to give a more well-rounded opinion on CBD as a potential option for symptom management outside of homeopathic use.

For example, one study published in The Permanente Journal in early 2019 follows the use of CBD in those who suffer from anxiety disorders or sleep disorders. The study started with a sample size of seventy-two adult participants with primary concerns surrounding anxiety or poor sleep quality. For fifty-seven of these participants, within one month they felt a decrease in generalized anxiety and an increase in sleep quality. CBD in general was tell tolerated in all but three patients and seemed to have beneficial effects for most across the board, aside from this collection of three. Some participants did report inconsistencies in their sleep quality but whether or not this is due to the dosage frequency and consistency or just the CBD itself is still not understood.

A different study centering around sleep quality in those with Parkinson’s disease took notice of changes in the rapid eye movement of those participating. It seems that with CBD, the REM cycle was regulated to a much closer to the normal level for those without Parkinson’s disease. This study focused on both CBD and THC, offering input on the efficiency of both as viable treatments in a medicinal setting. Of the cases listed in the study, it becomes apparent that there is potentially a very real benefit for those looking to receive assistance in regulating sleep through the use of CBD as a natural sleep-aid.

Yet another double-blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled study from 2014 also cites CBD sprays and oils as a potential pain-reducing factor for those with peripheral neuropathic pain. In these types of painful situations, the source of the pain is within the nerves, making it harder to treat. In turn, the pain is often so persistent or intense that the person cannot get relief to sleep or sleep well. It appears that the use of CBD and THC oral sprays can potentially help to ease the person’s pain enough for them to fall asleep and stay asleep, receiving a better quality of rest through the night, as well, which results in them feeling actually well-rested when they wake up the next day.

Even though many tests use CBD and THC, one particular study from a 2015 issue of Addictive Behaviors medical journal notes that many looking for help with sleep actually choose CBD over THC due to the better quality of the effect. This study explains that between THC and CBD, many people claim that the CBD helped them significantly more with falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up feeling well-rested, ensuring a better night and increased productivity for the next day.

All of this is to say that even though the FDA has not reached a level of information availability and understanding that allows them to be comfortable with recommending CBD as a potential aid for sleep disorders, there are a lot of studies that list it as a viable sleep disorder remediation method, though more research is needed. As more information on the long term impact of CBD usage comes to light, it will likely become easier for the FDA to justify approving its usage. Either way, many people report that it helps them and, as a safe and natural product, there is generally little risk in giving it a try.

Shop CBD Now’s Promise

At Shop CBD Now, we carry a wide range of CBD oils for sleep that is fantastic for helping users get to sleep, stay asleep, and feel better while awake. As a company, Shop CBD Now makes an effort to only source the highest quality products available on the market today. Due to this, all products that can be found on the Shop CBD Now site are tested through state-accredited labs to ensure they contain an amount of CBD extract that matches the dosage information while also verifying the quality and ingredient list of the entire finished product. This works to ensure all of our customers and clients know exactly what they are getting in every single drop of oil, allowing for a good understanding of the dosage and what effects may come. We work to make sure you are safe and comfortable while using our products and promise to always continue this intensive and selective product inventory verification system.

Additionally, Shop CBD Now ships to all fifty states in the United States of America, ensuring anyone who needs or wants CBD products can access high-quality, safe brands with ease. We deliver right to your door to give you the ability to try new, interesting, and fun delivery methods like instant coffee, hot chocolate, and tea, or old favorites like tinctures and edible gummy candies. No matter what you choose, Shop CBD Now will deliver it straight to you!

The Best CBD Oils for Sleep

We offer a ton of CBD products on our site, all of which are very high-quality. Let’s take a closer look at some of our inventory and help you decide which is right for you. It is important to note, you can find all of these oil products on our website, along with many more super fun options!

One of our fan-favorite brands, Pure Scientifics, makes some fantastic tinctures and other products that cater to a wide range of needs, including isolate and full-spectrum products. The tincture, which is popular among those looking to begin dosing CBD for the first time due to the ease of controlling the dosage and measurements, is a great option that comes in several different flavors, as well as natural, unflavored options. The mint and lemon-ginger flavors are tasty and make for a perfect masking taste for those who do not like the earthy flavor of regular CBD oils. Aside from this, you can also find topical oils that can help with joint pain and lotion versions of the same products that are mess-free and can help with muscle and joint pain and stiffness to help ease you to sleep. Interestingly, there are even some Pure Scientifics CBD bath bombs if you want to get in a little extra relaxation, too!

Cannashield is another great option that offers a wide range of oil products. You can find full-spectrum and isolate tinctures in flavors like peach, blueberry, and butterscotch in many different dose options, ranging from low beginner doses to higher milligram, more impactful tincture products. Cannashield also produces a renewal cream and body lotion that can provide comfort to sore spots and soothe irritated skin, as well, making for a great addition to any bedtime routine that needs a little extra CBD.

Roots of Life actually makes a tincture designed specifically for those needing assistance falling and staying asleep. Called Night Blend, the product is full-spectrum but not psychoactive and helps to induce a good night’s rest. Their other CBD products include isolates and full-spectrum options in a wide range of doses, including one specifically designed for use with pets, making it possible for even our furry friends to feel the benefits of CBD!

A bit of a different take on CBD administration methods, The Brothers Apothecary offers a selection of delicious teas and coffees. Included in this is the Mellow Mint flavor, a calming blend that works to soothe the stomach and relax the body while giving a dose of CBD while drinking. The warm tea is soothing and meshes well with the tradition many have of sipping warm tea before bed. The minute amount of caffeine from the tea leaves is weak and will not keep you up, especially when juxtaposed with the relaxing CBD effect.

Similarly, Tranquility Tea has a Calming Chai product that is delicious, warming, and calming. This low dose of CBD tea contains a full-spectrum hemp oil extract that is not psychoactive. It harnesses the calming powers of chai as well to lull you into a relaxed state and help you wind down before bed, setting you up for a quality night’s sleep. This makes for a perfect way to end a busy night, especially if you regularly enjoy tea anyways and want to start with a relatively low dosage as a beginner.

There are tons of other amazing products on the Shop CBD Site that can potentially assist you in having a relaxing, good night’s sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day has to throw at you. Feel free to reach out to our customer service team with any questions, concerns, or comments and we will be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect CBD product for your unique needs and desires!

At Shop CBD Now, we only carry the best of the best CBD products. Due to this, you can count on us to always have your best interest in mind. All of our products are lab tested and safe, making for a comfortable buying experience where every purchase comes with peace of mind.

As a company that looks to build a relationship on a foundation of solid trust with our customers and clients, we will always have your back and promise to cater to all your CBD needs.


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