CBD Oil for Headaches


Can CBD Oil Really Help with Headaches?

Headaches are entirely unpleasant. They can come on at any time and be trigger by any number of things, making them hard to plan for. Since not all headaches respond to medications like Tylenol or Aleve, it can even be tricky to make them go away once they begin. This leaves many people feeling frustrated and completely helpless. Let’s explore whether CBD oil is a potent supplement that can help alleviate the pain of a headache and see if CBD oil for headaches might be worth trying as a natural option..

What Causes Headaches?

There are tons of things that can trigger headaches. We are all uniquely different and can experience different triggers that can impact our ability to functionally fight off headaches. Some common causes are seen in a wide range of people, though, that might be at least partially to blame for your headache woes.

Anxiety and stress are one of the leading causes of headaches. When we are nervous, anxious, or stressed, we tend to tense up our bodies. This includes the muscles of the face, neck, and head, which, in turn, creates tightness in the scalp and other areas of the upper body. Over time, this creates what can turn into an intense tension headache.

Audio and visual strain can also cause headaches. Things like bright lights and glares can cause eye strain, which results in headaches if you cannot leave the situation. The same goes for situations with irritating audio that is either loud, repetitive, or just triggering for your own tension.

Medications are common causes, as well, due to the fact that they impact the entirety of your body. Drugs like triptans, naproxen, and even drugs meant to help with pain can cause headaches called rebound headaches. SSRIs and mood stabilizers often cause headaches, as well. If you have frequent headaches and regularly take any type of medication, be sure to contact your doctor if you have any concerns to check for a potential link.

Lifestyle factors are one of the biggest contributors. If you frequently drink caffeine, you may be causing your own headaches. Similarly, if you often sleep too much or too little, your brain chemicals may be out of balance, which can trigger headaches and overall body discomfort, as well. Dietary factors like what you eat, how much you eat, and how often you eat can make your head hurt, too, as can temperatures and environmental lifestyle facets.

Exertional headaches are also common following exercise. Workout out too hard or working too hard, in general, can cause issues with the blood vessels in your head and neck, leading to a headache. Similarly, not being active enough can cause similar problems. Finding a fitness balance is key.

Being ill, lastly, is another common trigger. When you are not feeling well due to something like a sinus congestion situation, that congestion can cause pressure to build up in your head, resulting in lasting discomfort. Coughing and sneezing a lot can cause exertion headaches, as can vomiting or retching since you are putting a lot of pressure on the upper body. If you are sick, chances are a headache is to be expected.

There are a lot of other common causes of headaches, as well. So many that it is essentially impossible to discuss them all in one post. Headaches are something we can all expect but if they happen frequently or are intense, there may be an underlying problem worth discussing with a medical professional.

What is a Migraine?

When you have a headache, it can get pretty intense. A pounding, throbbing headache is the last thing anyone wants to experience, honestly. It can completely derail your day and make it nearly impossible to get any work done or enjoy the fun parts of your life. Seriously, headaches can make absolutely anyone completely miserable.

That being said, migraines are even worse. They can come on suddenly or slowly creep up, leaving you feeling sick for hours before they hit. Halos of light, vision problems, body aches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, light, and sound sensitivity, and even a feeling of panic can all occur when a migraine is occurring or about to occur. This can make you feel horrible for quite some time and can be difficult to treat since many migraine types are not treatable with most typical headache medications.

Many people who have migraines get them regularly, which can be a massive hindrance to regular lifestyle activities. It can put everything on pause and cause you to have to cancel plans and reroute your entire day. This can really make things harder and create quite a difficult time if you have to work during the onset of a migraine.

In general, migraines are more severe and generally much more uncomfortable than a traditional headache and, due to this, are significantly harder to treat. Doctors often prescribe medications that have potential unpleasant side effects like drowsiness or vertigo and it can really seem like a losing battle. Due to this, many people are attempting to turn to naturalistic treatment options like CBD oil for headaches in search of potential supplementary assistance. Let’s take a look at what science says about the potential effectiveness of CBD oil for headaches.

CBD Oil for Headaches

At this time CBD is not an approved treatment, preventative, or cure for any disease or disorder. This means that the FDA has not screened enough information to conclusively decide that CBD is an effective treatment option for long and short term basis usage. While there is evidence to show it can potentially be a viable option for short term use, the lack of long-term studies disqualifies it as a certified treatment for the time being. Still, let’s explore what studies have said about CBD oil for headaches as a supplementary, naturalistic option.

A 2017 review of several different scientific studies around the validity of using CBD as a treatment for migraines saw that there is evidence to back it as a potentially effective option. The general consensus is that people have used marijuana as a whole for centuries before it was criminalized in the United States and many other parts of the world and that there is evidence to support that the cannabis plant does pose some headache alleviating qualities but not enough to conclusively say whether CBD is an effective treatment or not.

Another 2016 study showed potential in that out of 49 participants, 39. 7 percent reported an improvement in their migraine symptoms and saw fewer migraines in general when using medicinal marijuana. This was done with regular medicinal marijuana, which contains both THC and CBD naturally, so this does not directly support CBD as a treatment but does shine a light on its source and potentially beneficial nature.

In 2018, yet another study attempted to see if participants could replace their typical opioid medications with cannabis. These participants had disorders like migraines, arthritis, headaches, chronic pain, or chronic illnesses. Out of the 2,032 participants, almost all of them were able to make the switch from opiates to cannabis and noted a drastic decrease in their symptoms and frequency of issues. Again, this is not directly using only CBD oil for migraines but it does show the potential for usage in this application.

While there are few studies directly testing if CBD oil can impact migraines, there are others that use CBD as one of the factors in the test. If there is a benefit found within the cannabis plant as a whole, there is likely the chance that singled out CBD could provide a beneficial effect, as well. As more testing comes out, there will be more conclusive information surrounding this topic released and, hopefully, a green light from the FDA.

The Best CBD Oil for Headaches Product Options

There is a lot of fantastic CBD oil for headaches products out there. Of these, you can easily find most of the best on Shop CBD Now. Shop CBD Now is a provider of high-quality CBD products, including CBD oils and tinctures. Let’s explore some of the best CBD oil products that could assist you on a supplementary basis with your next headache!

  1. Cannashield Full Spectrum 250mg – Blueberry
  2. Cannashield’s Full Spectrum Blueberry oil is a fantastic tincture style CBD oil for headaches. It tastes like light, sweet blueberry and is a much more pleasant experience as far as sublingual oils go than some other lower-end options with overpowering flavorings. This natural tasting blueberry CBD supplement is a sublingual tincture that is placed under the tongue for sixty seconds and allows it to absorb. This product contains 250 mg of CBD and is great for beginners looking to find their dose or for those who want something on the milder end of the spectrum. This is a full spectrum product, which means it may contain trace amounts of THC but not enough to cause any psychoactive effects. If you want no THC, try the 250 mg isolate option from the same brand, which is available in a couple of delicious flavor choices.

  3. Roots of Life – Unflavored – Tincture
  4. Roots of Life is another popular brand that is a great choice when looking for a CBD oil for headaches. As an unflavored tincture, you do not have any additives, only the base ingredients. In this case, the Roots of Life formula contains only CBD oil and MCT coconut oil. Two ingredients only for the most natural tincture experience you can easily have. At this time, you can find this product in 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1,000 mg dose options to allow you to choose which you need to suit your current preferences. If you are looking for a very natural experience, this is definitely a product worth considering.

  5. Modern Doc
  6. A great option that offers a regular and vegan gummy version. If you are vegan or know someone who is vegan, chances are you know how hard it is to find good gummies. Usually, the flavor or texture is totally off, resulting in an inedible treat that looks much better than it tastes. This is completely untrue for Modern Doc products, as their line of vegan gummies is truly something special. The strawberry-flavored gummy bears, are especially incredibly tasty and deliver a healthy dose of CBD with zero percent THC present. The non-vegan gummies are just as yummy and offer the same amazing benefits, too, making Modern Doc a great, multifaceted partner company that serves some of the best products across all Shop CBD Now partner stores.

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