Best CBD Oil for Anxiety?


Can CBD Oil Help with Anxiety?

Let’s be real: life is stressful. It is beautiful in so many ways but every once in a while, stress sweeps in and dampens the party a bit. For most people, the stress and anxious feelings dissipate with time as the situation remedies or they adapt to the triggers. However, for almost twenty percent of the general population, anxiety is a very real daily struggle. Whether mild or severe, anxiety can make a lot of everyday tasks quite hard and take up a ton of space within a person’s mind. Traditional treatments are a viable, wonderful tool for getting this struggle under control but sometimes natural alternatives may appeal a bit more. Let’s take a look at how CBD oil may potentially help those with anxiety.

The Difference Between Anxiety and Feeling Anxious

Lingually, anxiety, and feeling anxious are often used interchangeably but the two concepts are quite different. For example, someone without anxiety disordered behavior may feel anxious before a big event, a game, a date, or an exam. They might be nervous about a long drive and feel a little uneasy. This is normal, as big life events or even small events that do not sound particularly fun or easy can trigger a nervous or overwhelmed feeling. This does not, however, mean you have an anxiety disorder..

Anxiety disorders are characterized by a few different facets of symptoms. For example, many people with generalized anxiety or one of the other commonly defined anxiety disorders within the “big six” may have a hard time with big life events but may also feel nervous about everyday tasks like driving to work, interacting with cashiers, or paying bills. This impedes on their everyday abilities and can make just existing much harder than the average person. Not everyone experiences this but it is perhaps the biggest deviation from simply being anxious from time to time.

Additionally, the duration that someone with an anxiety disorder feels anxious is often much longer than someone who is simply feeling nervous within a typical situation. People with anxiety often fixate on small issues and can feel anxious every day about small situations or swell on bigger events for long periods before and after the event with increased intensity, even devolving into panic attacks over the matter.

There are other symptoms and criteria that define the different types of anxiety disorders but, in general, they are much more serious than isolated incidents of anxiety since they directly impede everyday life. That being said, if anecdotal evidence is to be believed, CBD could potentially help both groups of people with their anxiety symptoms.

CBD and Anxiety

Though the FDA has not currently endorsed CBD as a viable treatment many do believe that CBD is helpful with treating the symptoms of anxiety. It is important to note that this article is not making any claims nor have any brands associated with Shop CBD Now. This article is not meant to indicate that CBD or any other compound is a treatment, medication or other that can act as a cure for any disease or ailment. Any evidence presented is purely based on a very large amount of stories presented on an anecdotal basis because there simply is not enough research and data available surrounding the legitimacy of CBD anxiety treatment due to most of the current pre-existing research dealing with the THC side of marijuana and hemp as opposed to non-psychoactive CBD. That being said, there is a lot to say for the anecdotal evidence and a fairly high chance that CBD may play a role in actually assisting with anxiety symptoms.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a compound extracted from the hemp plant that is used as a therapeutic oil in naturalist treatments and products. Cannabidiol contains a group of chemicals known as cannabinoids, which produce an effect within the brain by binding to the cannabinoid receptors. Unlike THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD does not produce any sort of “high” feeling and has no psychoactive components. This is because CBD is derived from hemp, a type of plant specifically bred to have low THC content. Some CBD products will have a very minute amount of THC, perhaps even enough to show up on a drug test, but in general, the amount is so small that it is not noticeable.

Can CBD Help with Anxiety Symptoms?

As stated before, there is no proven correlation between CBD and positive anxiety treatment aside from anecdotal evidence. That being said, many do believe there is a pretty high chance that using CBD will potentially assist in helping alleviate symptoms and treating the overall presence of excessive anxiety.

A 2010 sample study with a small population size found that many participants with anxiety in the form of a social anxiety disorder (SAD) did notice an improvement in their symptoms when using CBD products. The participants were asked to participate in a public speaking event, which is a common trigger for SAD, and a population was given CBD while the rest had a placebo. The two then switched in a later second experiment. In the double-blind test, the results showed a promising future for CBD and anxiety treatment, specifically and especially with SAD treatments.

In a second study from 2019 centering around CBD and insomnia related to anxiety, participants overwhelmingly responded positively to the overall usage of CBD, with most of them experiencing increased ease of falling asleep and overall improved quality of sleep. Seventy-two adults with insomnia or anxiety disorders were voluntarily gathered and given CBD supplements to test its effects on their disorder.

Of the seventy-two initial subjects, fifty-seven experienced a better sleep quality or decreased anxiety during the first month and continued to experience this effect for the rest of the study; some did experience fluctuations in their quality of sleep but reported overall better results. Only three claimed to suffer any ill effect from the use of CBD.

It is also believed that CBD has a real potential for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) since it has a potential effect on the hippocampus that can help to soften traumatic experiences. It could also help with pain and act as an anti-anxiety agent in those with C-PTSD and other forms of post-traumatic stress disorder, which is often linked to the development of anxiety disorders over time. All of this has yet to be fully substantiated but, hopefully, with the advancement of testing and studying of CBD and its potential benefits, there will soon be more evidence present.

The Best CBD Oil for Anxiety Options

At SHOP CBD NOW, we carry a wide range of carefully selected CBD oil products. Also known as tinctures, these liquid CBD oils for anxiety products are of great quality and made in the United State from US grown hemp. Let’s take a look at three of the best CBD oil for anxiety products available right here on SHOP CBD NOW to give you an idea of just a small portion of the amazing potentially helpful products available to be shipped right to your door.

For example, the Pure Scientifics – CBD Isolate Tincture is an awesome starter product that is gentle, natural, and easy to use. As a sublingual drop, you simply place the desired amount under your tongue and let it absorb for thirty seconds then swallow. You can also add it to drinks to make it even easier to take, which is helpful for the unflavored versions. Pure Scientifics also makes flavored tinctures that are tasty and great for first time users who may not be comfortable with the earthy flavor that comes with most sublingual products. As an award-winning brand, Pure Scientifics is an amazing one to try!

Additionally, the Cannashield Clear 250mg Distillate is another fantastic first-timer product. The blueberry flavor is especially popular and makes taking this product a lot easier. This one recommends the user hold the oil under their tongue for a full sixty seconds before swallowing to get the optimal result from the tincture. This is a full spectrum product made from eighty-eight percent pure hemp distillate that is sweetened with stevia and blueberry terpenes to provide an easy to use and tasty product that makes trying CBD for the first time easy and a bit fun.

The Modern Doc Unflavored Tincture is a great CBD Full Spectrum product, as well. Made as an additive-free hemp extract, this product contains just two ingredients, MCT coconut oil, and hemp extract, making it pretty much as pure as you can get. This high-quality unflavored product is great for mixing into drinks or taking under the tongue if you do not mind the flavor of hemp products.

Edibles for Anxiety

Edibles have also shown promise in tests and studies to assist in the remedying of anxiety disorder symptoms. These types of products are also usually much easier to consume since you simply eat them. They are generally flavored like most basic food products, usually with fruit notes, and are perhaps the easiest way to begin supplementing with CBD since they taste good, are easy to administer properly, and are affordable for those looking to test out CBD for the first time.

For example, the Modern Doc Full Spectrum CBD Gummies are a great soft chew gummy product that delivers CBD hidden behind a wide range of delicious flavors, making it much easier to take than an earthy tasting tincture if you struggle with such flavorings. The green apple flavor, for example, tastes just like a fresh, juicy green apple with a little bit of tartness to round it out. There are also multiple different dosage strengths available, including starter levels of 250 mg, making testing and trying CBD for the first time a lot simpler since you can try a base dose and work your way up as needed.

You can also find a wide range of drinkable products, including syrups that turn into tasty sports drink flavors and even coffees. One of the more interesting products for those with anxiety that may potentially offer some help is the Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Tea. Delivering a low 180 mg dose, this product is designed to be calming and soothing, making it a great cup of tea to unwind with. Plus, it tastes fantastic and is made using locally sourced Northwestern components, including Pacific Northwest Peppermint, Pacific Northwest Spearmint, High CBD Hemp, and coconut milk. Additionally, the only two other ingredients are tapioca syrup and sugar esters for flavoring, making this a great naturally derived product!

There are tons of other amazing products on the SHOP CBD NOW site, as well, so browse at your discretion and see what best appeals to your wants and needs. We try to always have something for everyone!

CBD for All

At SHOP CBD NOW, our goal is to make safe, high-quality CBD products available for everyone, no matter where they are in the US. We ship to all fifty states and screen all of our inventory additions and brand partners thoroughly before offering them to our customers to ensure they mesh well with our desire to market only the best CBD products. We believe you deserve the best of the best, so we require all of our partners to have their products tested at state-accredited facilities to ensure the validity of the dosage and ingredient content. All of the products are also carefully quality controlled and crafted with customers in mind to ensure they are completely safe and ready to use.

SHOP CBD NOW promises to only offer up the best products around and the best prices. Regardless of your preference, we have something from you, be it edibles and topicals or more niche items like bath bombs and vanilla latte mix. Of course, you can also find classic CBD favorites like tinctures in flavored and unflavored varieties and basic gummy edibles, making both experimenters and those seeking generalized CBD products able to find something perfect for what they desire. At SHOP CBD NOW, we operate on trust and honestly and always promise to bring only the best products straight to you!

*This article is not making any claims and Shop CBD Now agrees with the FDA and other governing bodies that more conclusive testing must be completed.