5 CBD Facts & Myths that you need to Know

5 CBD Facts & Myths that you need to Know

Cannabis is one of the most popular markets in the past years. More people are turning to the natural healing properties that Cannabis brings. You have heard about CBD – there are a lot of myths about it. But what is the truth?

Common CBD Myths

Myth #1

Hemp is a type of cannabis that is made for industrial purposes. These plants are bred so that there are only a few amounts of THC and will look different from the cannabis plants.

In the US, cannabis will only qualify as hemp if there is less than 0.3% THC content. In the EU, the limit us 0.2%. CBD oil is sourced from industrial hemp – this is a myth.

Myth #2

CBD can make you high. This is not true.

While it is psychoactive, it cannot give you the high. It is just a side effect and not a reason to avoid CBD.

Myth #3

No research has been done on CBD. This is a myth.

There are a lot of citations about this, although, they are not made on humans, there have been a lot of studies already.

Myth #4

CBD is the main compound in cannabis

The cannabis plant contains a lot of active compounds of over 100 cannabinoids. These compounds work together to achieve the overall effect and it is not solely CBD.

Myth #5

You only need a little CBD.

To achieve the desired effects of CBD, you have to take a lot of it.

Facts about CBD

Pain reliever

CBD can be used to treat a lot of aches and even chronic pain. CBD oil does not have the side effects that the drugs have and this makes it safer for use and the liver is not put into toxic stress.


The chemical-based antidepressants have a lot of adverse reactions that put the patient under a lot of stress. But with CBD oil, it can help regulate the mood of the patient and can calm the patient better.

Helps in cancer treatment

Cancer treatment can cause a lot of discomfort to the patient. CBD oil has been proven effective as a cancer treatment by alleviating the effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting.


CDB oil is available in almost all states. Some may need a prescription. But you can easily order one.

Easy to replenish

Cannabis plants can be easily cultivated. You can make as many CBD oil as you want and more plants are growing each day. The plants are also free from chemicals and pesticides.

These are just some of the facts and benefits of CBD oil. While there is still a lot unknown, it is important to ask your physician to know what is best for you.  Do not start a CBD regimen without a professional.

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